You may aleady have some of these things if you have had poodles before,

but here are some suggestions of what to buy before your new family member arrives! 


     Hard plastic bed and soft lined insert.    Carpet square from Bunnings 

                             Hard plastic bed and soft lined insert                          Rubber backed carpet square

Hills Science Diet small bites dry food - Puppy            Royal Canin Junior mini dry food.          Extra small puppy collar. Must adjust down to 15cm. (Not 20cm collars or releasable cat collars) 

          Hills Science Diet small bites    OR      Royal Canin Junior mini           Ultra small puppy

                   dry food - Puppy                                     dry food                           collar (15cm)

  100g Square My Dog Soft Lamb green label. Available from supermarkets.                Pigs ears. Great for cutting teeth! Available from supermarkets.

               100g My Dog Square                                Shampoo                           Pigs ears

                                                                                                                      Great for teething

Large ceramic bowls for inside water.     Three small ceramic bowls (not metal). one for dry food, inside and out, one for dinner.     Large plastic water bowl that cannot be tipped over - from the Reject shop. Do not use metal bowls outside - they get too hot.

           Large ceramic bowls             Small ceramic bowls for              Large plastic (not metal)

        for water inside and out          dry food (2) and dinner (1)           non-tippable water bowl

The essential pooper scooper! From the Reject Shop.                40cm x 60cm carrying car/carry crate. Hinged doors are best. Cut a non-slip carpet mat to put inside.

         Essential pooper-scouper!                  For worming               40cm x 60cm car/carry crate


                                  For Flea Treament                                         Slicker Brushes

A good doggy door which is lockable is an essential investment.    Artifucial grass cut in squares.   Puppy pads - great to put under the artificial grass.

                Doggy door                               Artificial grass                   Puppy pads (to place under

                                                                             (for toilet training)                                artificial grass)